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Miscellaneous reviews

"I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen an actor truly inhabit a character. Last night was one of those times. John Carlin was absolutely masterful as Jack in Hampton Theatre Company’s production of “Dead Accounts.” He was so good, so natural and so incredibly in the moment that it did not appear as if he was acting at all. This is truly an impressive feat. Even if an actor very closely resembles the character he or she is playing, there’s usually a “tell” in their language or movement, or when they are trying to remember a line. Not John Carlin last night. My hat’s off to you sir. On the strength of this performance alone, I’d go out of my way to see you work anywhere and everywhere again. Bravo!" Hamptons Press 2016

"The intimate play is expertly staged by John Gould Rubin and features the fine performance by John Carlin playing various white hecklers, promoters, interviewers, etc." - Deadline Hollywood 2017


"The interviewer, played by John Carlin, gamely assumes a number of broadly sketched secondary roles..." Los Angeles Times 2017


"John Carlin appears onstage alongside Morton, crisply playing a corny stand-up comic, drunken heckler, perplexed cabbie, pleading stagehand and oily interviewer. "- NY Daily News 2017


"The two-man show has the talented John Carlin covering the myriad roles as stagehand, audience, heckler, a warm-up comic, and in a hilarious scene, a pompously affected and out of touch interviewer pulling some of Gregory’s past quotes and trying to understand his passion." - Maryland Theatre Guide 2018


"Carlin excels in the role, delivering laughs, as well as eliciting the audience’s sympathy when rocked by revelations." - Dan’s Paper’s 2015

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